This One Life: Sunday Assembly faces the difficult topic of death


This one life

The theme for the Assembly this month is ‘This One Life’. Sunday Assembly’s charter includes, “a celebration of the one life we know we have”. This notion is embraced by Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh through all its community events.

In western culture, discussing death is often viewed as taboo and is often avoided until absolutely necessary. The topic of death has fostered the creation of religions and has been pondered by philosophers for ages. At the Assembly, we will discuss life and death through a secular lens.

The speaker this month will be, Sara Kiley. Sara has worked in hospice for over 7 years filling roles as volunteer coordinator and music therapist.  She currently practices through Three Rivers Arts & Wellness as owner and music therapist.

The next Sunday Assembly is October 21st, 2018, 10:00 am (regular time), at Community Forge located at 1256 Franklin Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. See you there!


Sunday Assembly has another great Pumpkin Day


Shenot (2)

A perfect fall day made for another great Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh Pumpkin Day. The parking lot was full of cars that brought excited adults and children ready to enjoy what Shenot Farm had to offer. The weather was partly cloudy with a one hundred percent chance of cider.

We indulged on freshly picked crispy apples as we rode the tractor down the dirt road to the pumpkin patch, passing skeletons and creepy scarecrows on the way. The tractor approached a vast field of pumpkins scattered about. Before we got to the pumpkins we entered the corn maze where we wandered aimlessly. After we made it out of the maze we walked around the seemingly endless field of pumpkins enjoying each other’s company.

Not all of us left with pumpkins, but we all left with smiles and sense of community. I personally left with fresh apple butter. My calendar is already marked for Pumpkin Day 2019.