Take Action

Educate Yourself


Being an anti-racist is an action. Creating awareness around and issues and confronting personal bias is an important first step, but ultimately to create change we need collective action. Some ways to put your values into actions include donating either your time or money.


  • Join a local activist organization and use your skills in organizing, science, law, human services, or whatever you are passionate about to help BIPOC


Donate to
Pittsburgh Bail Fund https://www.bukitbailfund.org/
Donate to any of the organizations listed above

Support Black Owned Businesses in Pgh

Don’t just make it a moment

Fighting discrimination of any kind involves a dedication to dismantling oppressive systems and educating others. Do not get discouraged if you do not see immediate change right away, but don’t stop your efforts either. Find ways to incorporate anti-racism activism into your life that makes it a sustainable commitment.

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