Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh Elects New Board For 2019

Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh, July 2018

Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh held their quarterly board meeting on October 7th, 2018. During the meeting, the goals and vision for the organization were discussed in detail. The current board discussed the best people to move Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh in the right direction to continue to grow and be an asset to the community.

The nominating committee gathered potential board candidates and presented them to the current board to be voted on. Each nominee was required to write a statement about how they will help grow the Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh. After careful deliberation, the board voted for the members to lead Sunday Assembly into 2019.

Amazing people were added to the board to help improve Sunday Assembly. We are looking forward to the upcoming year!

2019 Board Members:

Lisa Seel (2019-2020)                                                
Katrina Loutzenhiser (2019-2020)
Liz Hrenda (2019-2020)
Dana Morganroth (2019-2020) 
Bill Hathaway (2019-2020)
Brandon Tucker (2019-2020)
Sarah McKay (2018-2019)
Kelsey Derringer (2018-2019)
Henry McKay (2018-2019)
Jim Marino (2018-2019)
Cory Derringer (2018-2019)
Dominika Oliver (2018-2019)
Jason Furente (2018-2019)

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