Mental health resources for trauma survivors

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

The effects of the shooting at Tree Life Synagogue will radiate throughout our community for years to come. Many people will be left with the trauma of the shooting and many will exhaust their toolbox of coping skills. Whether you were directly involved in this tragedy or you’re indirectly affected, below is a list of mental health resources for you.


ReSolve Crisis Services:  Call 1888-796-8226 if you feel that you are in crisis. What defines a crisis is completely subjective. A crisis can range from the death of a loved one to not being able to handle a tragedy on the news.



Psychology Today Find a Therapist tool:  In addition to articles, there is a database of therapists in the area.  Search criteria can be refined to include insurance, specialization, and even secular practitioners.



Headspace:  A great app for those who want to practice guided meditation for both iOS and Android.  While free, the full app does require a subscription service or you can purchase meditations.




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