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Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh’s Yule Rock Event

I grew up going to church with my mother every Sunday. As I got older, I eventually became nonreligious and embraced humanist values. After I left the church, there was a void left once filled by the church community — I still wanted to be apart of a collective group aligned with my current values who aimed to do good in the world. In 2014, I found Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh and became involved immediately. Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh describes itself as a “secular community that celebrates life”. There are multiple events throughout the month ranging from book clubs to support groups, and there’s a main event (the Assembly) every third Sunday of the month.

Throughout the world, community is largely built around religion, so the concept of being nonreligious (atheist, agnostic, etc.) and gathering to do good is foreign to many . Below are some frequently asked questions about Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh.


Sunday Assembly is a secular community without a deity, however, it is not anti-religion. Although we don’t have a doctrine, the values of humanism, science, and reason are often promoted at our events. Please refer to the charter for more information


We have the main event (the Assembly) every third Sunday of the month where we sing popular songs, talk about science and the theme of the month, and other activities to build community. Sunday Assembly has been described as a “TED Talk with karaoke”.


The Assembly is a kid-friendly event. There are many other events, as it strives to meet the needs of everyone in the community  – some events are family oriented and some events focus more on adults (e.g. Book Club). See the events page to see what we’re up to: Events


Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh is a 501(c)(3) community benefit organization and is proudly 100% community funded — it runs on all small donations.

Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh is a secular community that celebrates life. View our events on the Events page.

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