Three inclusive organizations promoting science in Pittsburgh

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We are in an era when the influence technology has on our lives is increasing exponentially. Technology effects everyone no matter their race or socioeconomic status, so it’s important everyone has a say in the development of the technologies. Those who develop the technology also stand to benefit economically, and it’s important woman and minorities don’t get left behind. Below I have given brief descriptions of inclusive organizations throughout Pittsburgh who actively promote science.

Prototype PGH

Prototype is a very unique organization that is aiming to “build gender and racial equity in tech and entrepreneurship”. Prototype provides a “feminist makerspace” for the community. The organization goes beyond the space to “prioritize the experiences of women, and cultivating a gender-inclusive professional support network”. The work of Prototype is important because to include women in the technology sector must be an active endeavor. When we just assume the right environment will develop by default, it tends to lean towards the status quo, which isn’t okay.



M-PowerHouse works to address the “national shortage of African American girls and Hispanics in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics” . The organization offers multiple school programs to “expose youth and community to a variety of healthcare and S.T.E.M. related disciplines”. M-PowerHouse has programs ranging from K thru 12th grade. As a young black kid, I didn’t have much exposure to people working in S.T.E.M. fields who looked like me. As a result I never was inspired to pursue that route. It was only by change that I was exposed to right environment to spark my interest. The futures of child are too important to leave up to chance.



Assemble is a creative space that aims to foster creativity “through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) disciplines and learning opportunities to build valuable 21st century skills” . They are welcoming to all ages and backgrounds. Assembly has after school programs, day camps, and many other events for the community. This organization is unique because it promotes both art and science. The best scientist has a creative mind, and can draw inspiration thorough many disciplines.


Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh is a secular community that celebrates life. Visit the events page to see what’s happening in the community: Events

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