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Prior Assembly Resources:

Topic: Death & Dying (October 2021)

Green Burial: Penn Forest Cemetery

TOPIC: Failure (September 2021)

  • Brandon’s Quote: “Make sure you’re measuring the right things before you call yourself a failure.”
  • Brené Brown’s Worksheets

Topic: Creativity (June 2021)

TOPIC:  Creativity (June 2021) Resources provided by Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh

Jet Carrick

Kelsey Derringer

Jim Marino

Topic: Women’s Empowerment (March 2021)

TOPIC:  Women’s Empowerment (March 2021) Resources provided by Meg Prall, Girls Rock Pittsburgh.

  • For more information about the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, click HERE.
  • Meg’s Contact Info:
  • Click on the link below to listen to the works of Girls Rock! Pittsburgh alums

Meg’s Recommended Listening:

  • all of year one (2013)
  • Summer – Pizza Girls (2014)
  • Get Over it – Beautiful Chaos (2014)
  • Pizza Party Illuminati – Awkward Silence (2015)
  • Changing Seasons – Shifting Willows (2019)
  • Ethereal Material – Ridge St. Demons (2019)

TOPIC: PLEASURE (February 2021)

TOPIC:  PLEASURE (February 2021) Resources provided by Meagan Narvaez

TOPIC:  HOPE (January 2021) Resources provided by Dr. Michelle Bruno, Ph.D., LPC

TOPIC: Understanding Relationships (November 2020)

Mental Health Resources: Alcohol & Substance Abuse Resource for College Students Resource for Depression, Anxiety & Stress for College Students

Psych Central:  A collection of articles as well as a newsletter about psychology topics:

Psychology Fact Sheet:   Introductory Information about a wide variety of mental health topics:

Greater Good Magazine:  A publication from UC Berkley with science-based articles:

ReSolve Crisis Services:  Call 1888-796-8226 if you feel that you are in crisis or go to

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

LifeRing Secular Recovery:  A secular program for overcoming addiction.

University of Pittsburgh Institute on Aging:  Another resource for caregivers.

Psychology Today Find a Therapist tool:  In addition to articles, there is a database of therapists in the area.  Search criteria can be refined to include insurance, specialization, and even secular practitioners.

Headspace:  A great app for those who want to practice guided meditation for both iOS and Android.  While free, the full app does require a subscription service or you can purchase meditations.

Anxiety and Depression Self-Assessments:

Calmer Conversations Resource Page:  If you or someone you know is dealing with anxiety, there are several resources on this page to help calm down:

Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging:  Several services for those giving care to older adults.

Resources for Cancer:

Pet Bereavement Resources:

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