An inspiring and caring group for the secular and non-believers in Pittsburgh

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh is described as a “secular community that celebrates life” that has community events throughout the region for families and adults. Our Facebook page has over 1,460 likes and is growing. However, we don’t see as much engagement as we would like. We want to foster community so people can have inspiring and caring interactions in person and online. Where it be a first birthday or an awesome road trip, we want our community to share it if they wish. We also want to help people connect with others who share their hobbies within the group. Our Facebook group is called ‘Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh Community Circle‘, which has only about 188 members (up from only 50 a few months ago). Since we started focusing on the group we have seen a spike in engagement.

The goal is to grow the group so people can create the Pittsburgh community they need. Together we will build something amazing. Join us!

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